Have you ever seen an SNS update by your bias and scream in your mind, “Oppppaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” even though you’re not Korean but you just got caught up in the moment and other fans are commenting on his post saying, “OPPPPAAAAAAAAAAA” and then you realize that you’re an international fan and he doesn’t know you exist but you’re happy HE does?

I think thoughts like ‘What am I missing?’ and ‘I should act more mature’…It’s been seven years since I debuted. I feel like the years go by too quickly. Because I started working at such a young age, I feel like I’ve been running without any breaks. I haven’t had much time to look around me….I think I can give myself opportunities to grow more mature if make time for myself, no matter how busy I am. I decided I want my future to be more fruitful, but I also want to live a bright life that is appropriate for my age.
Choi Minho, Cosmopolitan